What does "suge" mean ?

すけえ / すけー / すごい (Written as ‘suge’/‘sugoi’) (Pronounced: Soo-geh/Sugoi): This is a way to show amazement or fascination towards something, it can also be a way of saying ‘wow’ and another way of stating something amazing. Yeap, of course we know what's an amazing anime streaming website should have and that's why AnimeSuge was created.

Is it legal to watch anime at AnimeSuge?

Yes, it's legal to watch anime in AnimeSuge. Unlike torrenting, you even don't need a VPN account while watching anime in AnimeSuge. Just open AnimeSuge and watch any anime you want.

What is the mission of AnimeSuge ?

Bring happiness and the best watching experience to all people who loves anime on the world. Of course, fast updating, easy to use, fast streaming also are what we're doing.

How AnimeSuge works ?

AnimeSuge is nearly full automated video search engine. It does automated scans of streaming websites and lists the best quality videos it found. With AnimeSuge, you can easily find and watch any anime you want. It have almost every anime you want to watch.

How to support us ?

The best way to support us at this time is sharing the site with your friends, let them know what's the best way to watch anime online in high quality for free.

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